About us

We help founders maximise growth ambitions, using our entrepreneurial spirit, vision and forward-thinking leadership skills to pave the way for ground-breaking tech, logistics and e-commerce innovation.

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Our story

We’re committed to finding and developing the next generation of scalable start-ups, having successfully founded, grown and exited numerous supply chain and logistics businesses over the last 30 years.

As a group of investors, we’ve generated revenues above $1 billion since the early 2000s. More importantly, we’ve created tens of millions of dollars in profit for those businesses and their shareholders.

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Why Logistics Labs?

We provide two different approaches to helping your business achieve its potential tailored to your specific needs:

1. Equity

As well as funding, an equity stake will also give your business access to the combined expertise of our team, supporting your growth and success.

2. Advisory

If equity isn’t the right approach for you, you can leverage our experience and resources to unlock your full potential and maximise profits. We’ll work with you to create actionable and insightful growth plans and support you as you implement them.

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What we bring

A global network of contacts and resources you can tap into

Private capital for growth

A successful track record of investment

Value realisation and creation planning

A proven 360-degree growth engine methodology

Exit strategies

The impact we’ve made

Founded, grew and exited three global freight businesses with over $3 billion in total revenues.

Founded and exited the world’s first in-basket cost calculator for cross-border e-commerce.

Founded and exited a multi-million dollar e-commerce fulfilment company in New York.

Managed and completed multiple global M&A deals.

Invested, excited and divested from e-commerce businesses in the UK and the US.

Opened operations in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Australasia.

Industry bodies have recognised the success of many of our businesses.